Important Information & Regulations – MICA Residents’ Beach Members

In protection of the deed to Residents’ Beach and in enforcement of the residency requirement, please be reminded that your membership is NON-TRANSFERABLE.  No one other than yourself may use your MICA Membership Photo ID.  Any violation of the admission policy, membership rules or beach access regulations will be grounds for revocation of the Residents’ Beach membership.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: (for both Residents’ Beach and Sarazen Park)

  • Members are required to obtain their MICA Membership ID cards at the MICA office upon approval of membership.
    This ID card is NOT transferable to anyone for any reason and is solely for your use.
  • Members are required to present their MICA Membership ID to the gate attendant and to any MICA representative, upon request, while on MICA property.
    A secondary photo ID may be requested if the identity of the presenting individual is in question.
    Any Membership IDs fraudulently presented will be confiscated
    immediately and provided to the MICA Executive Director for further action.
    If you lose your MICA Membership ID Card, you are required to obtain a replacement at the MICA office.  The fee is $30.
  • Members are permitted entrance with no more than 5 guests under their Membership arriving and departing in the same vehicle.
  • Members/Guest Pass Holders are required to stay with their guests during their entire visit.  (No “shuttling” or dropping off of guests)
  • Member is responsible for the behavior of their guests while on MICA property.
  • MICA reserves the right to spot check membership identification at any time visiting Residents’ Beach or Sarazen Park property.

    MICA Gate Attendants and Staff will be courteous, but firm, in refusing admittance to persons who do not meet the admission requirements.


  • No RVs, Commercial Vehicles, Campers or Trailers
  • No Vehicles with Advertising or Political Signage
  • Vehicles are not permitted to occupy more than one parking space
  • No Parking on any grass area
  • No Vehicles may be stored at Residents’ Beach or Sarazen Park
  • No Vehicles may be left in the lot for the purposes of “holding a space”
  • Vehicles left overnight are subject to towing
  • Bicycles are to be secured at the Bike Rack only, and not permitted anywhere else on the property


  • Pets are NOT permitted on MICA property at Sarazen Park or Residents’ Beach
  • NO GLASS is permitted
  • No trash can be left behind
  • Residents’ Beach gates are open from 6:00 a.m. to one-half hour after sunset
  • All individuals are expected to be courteous and respectful while on the premises
  • Members are fully responsible for the behavior of their guests and are required to stay with them at all times
  • Adult Supervision is required for Children on the Playground
  • No reserving or “holding” of Chickee Huts
  • No Gas/Propane grills or cooking devices of any kind
  • Additional Prohibited Items:  Balloons, Camping Tents, Inflatable Structures, Open Fires, Razor Scooters, Trampolines, Waverunners/Jetskis, Water Balloons and Water Guns
  • Prohibited Activities: Business or Political Events, Flying of Drones or Model Airplanes, Fundraising, Rollerskating, Skateboarding, Soliciting or Selling
  • You are expected to remove your trash or place it in a designated trash/recycle receptacle
  • Picnic gatherings of 15 or more are required to register at the MICA office prior to the event
  • Per City, County and State law
    • Glass, Bikes or Pets are prohibited on the Beach
    • Do Not Feed or Flush (chase) the Birds

Any violation of the admission policy, membership rules or beach access regulations will be grounds for revocation of membership.

Guest passes for individuals visiting and staying with you at your Marco Island address are available (for a fee) from the MICA office.
Renters of your property are not eligible for Guest Passes. 

Renters of 12 months or more can complete the Membership Application and be considered for an Annual MICA Beach Pass.

Please visit for further information or email us at: