Why would you be a good choice for the MICA Board of Directors?

Candidates for the MICA Board of Directors were recently asked to answer the question:  Why would you be a good choice for the MICA Board of Directors?  Below are their responses.


Candidate Al Bismonte:

As a MICA Board member for the last three years, I have realized a great knowledge of our members and what is expected of me as a member of the MICA Board of Directors. I have enjoyed serving the members and look forward to continued interaction with individuals, members, organizations, and governmental agencies.  I will use my skills accumulated over the years, including listening and interpreting what has been presented. Marco Island is a beautiful place to call home, and I enjoy the many aspects of living and volunteering here, including the responsibility that comes along with the privilege.

Candidate John Coff:

I am running for a seat on the MICA board because of my concern for the future of Marco Island. MICA is responsible for a lot more than Residents’ Beach. In fact, their most important responsibility is enforcing the deed restrictions and making sure the development on the island adheres to the deed restrictions as laid down by Deltona Corp. and the Mackle Brothers. I want to be involved in controlling the development of the island and to maintain the small island atmosphere that drew us to Marco in the first place.

I am aware of the value of Residents Beach to the island and will strive to maintain and improve the facilities, but I feel strongly the protection of the development of the island is MICA’s most important mission.

We have been on Marco Island for 18 years and I am involved in the Kiwanis Club, Marco Island Fire and Rescue Foundation, the Knights of Columbus and the PAC committee being formed to ensure the COPCN is approved in our community. I feel I am qualified for the MICA board and am eager to serve.

Candidate Vernon Geberth:

I think that I would be a good choice for the MICA Board of Directors based on my professional background and organizational skills. I am an internationally renowned lecturer, author, educator, consultant and expert witness with over 50 years of law enforcement experience.

We have been property owners since 1989. Our first condo was on the beach. In 1996 we built our current home and joined MICA. We love the Resident’s Beach and have been impressed how Marco Island and the Resident’s Beach have grown and developed over the years. We totally appreciate the efforts MICA makes in welcoming its visitors and members. During the past 22 years we have enjoyed the benefits of the association, and I have always gone out of my way to introduce myself to Resident’s Beach staff at the gate house as well as on the beach and on many occasions offered my assistance when needed.

We permanently moved here to paradise in 2015 and consider the Resident’s Beach a very special place in Marco Island. I am currently semi-retired and look forward to participating in the community.

Candidate Jim Johnson:

Since 1995, I have served MICA in many capacities such as Board member, President, Vice President, Chair of Architectural Review Committee (ARC), member of ARC and various other committees.

During that time MICA has progressed from a struggling organization with a poor public reputation to being a healthy, vigorous, respected public advocate for the residents of Marco Island. MICA has provided residents with enviable facilities which enhance their lives greatly. The experience gained in the redevelopment of the beach, rebuilding of the boardwalk, design and construction of the fountain, improvements to Sarazen Park at south beach, acquisition of the MICA office facility, and periodic legal actions have provided me in depth knowledge of laws, rules, codes, and restrictions affecting MICA, which will help provide guidance for the new board in the coming years.

Candidate Laura Nowosielski:

No response

Candidate Katherine O’Hara:

I would make a good choice for your Board of Directors because I believe in MICA’s mission of civic protection, improvement and “smart growth” as defined in the Deltona deed restrictions.  MICA’s work is vital to protecting the original vision of our island paradise.

Secondly, I will continue to contribute positively to the upkeep and protection of our beautiful beach, wildlife, and natural environment which is paramount to continuing the quality of life we have come to appreciate on Marco Island.

Candidate Jerry Swiacki:

I would be a good choice for the MICA Board of Directors because I am a firm believer in STEWARDSHIP.  Marco Island is a great place to live.  Among the many amenities that we have are our climate, natural resources and small community lifestyle.  It is our duty to maintain and conserve these benefits so that our citizens, visitors and businesses may enjoy them.

Candidate Sara Straight Wolf:

As a resident of Marco Island for over 20 years (at first part-time and now full time for the last 5 years), I have gained perspective on the benefits and challenges of growth in our community’s population, business and economy. My experience as a transactional business attorney has given me skills to contribute to the MICA Board: problem-solving, “big-picture” views, attention to detail, and project management. Working with groups that share a common goal is a particular pleasure for me.  I have been a director of both small and large non-profit organizations, and I have worked within two Fortune 500 corporations.  Those experiences have trained me to be a good listener, to state my views in a positive way, to lead discussions, and to synthesize and summarize discussions while including all viewpoints.  I love the spirit of community we have on Marco Island and I wish to contribute to the future of our chosen home.