Local Photographer Releases Marco Island Book

joeyWavesMarco Island and the surrounding area is any photographer’s dream location. Abundant water with changing reflections, beautiful and varied wildlife not to mention beaches. And then there’s the Everglades too. Recently, Joey Weiner (aka Joey Waves) decided to make his home in Marco Island and has just published a book of nearly 100 of his photos taken over the last twelve months. Mostly of Marco, but a few of the Everglades and Naples too. A great variety of sunrises, sunsets and night visuals but all recognizable as distinctly Marco Island.

Joey began his career in art by becoming a noted spray-can graffiti artist in Miami as a teenager and later taught himself how to create digital art working closely with Southern Wine & Spirits, creating a great deal of the marketing material seen on the major brands of the liquor industry. Joey put down the spray cans many years ago and picked up the camera instead and now uses this medium to express his love of the outdoors and specifically of the ocean (mainly because the paint got washed away on the beach!).

Joey’s photography has developed significantly over the last few years and his new book is a testament to his talent and eye for the unusual. When we sat down recently with Joey to talk about his book, he had just returned from a morning in Fakahatchee Strand in search of the elusive Ghost Orchid. He found his quest but was also found by hundreds of mosquitoes too, which left their mark on him in a big way! It is not unusual for him to be up and out of the door well before sunrise to make sure he is well positioned for that one in a million shot of the sun breaking over the horizon and casting a wash over Tigertail or Sand Dollar Spit in what photographers call “the golden hour”.

Featured left is one of Joey’s photos taken around Residents’ Beach, just to give a flavor of his style. These shots are very representative of the photography you will find in his book and will undoubtedly leave you wanting to see more. Joey’s photos are regularly featured on WINK News, CBS Miami, WPTV in West Palm Beach as well as Marco Island Sun Times. Readers of The Marco Review will also recognize that the front cover of their Winter edition is this fantastic night shot of the Judge SS Jolley Bridge taken by Joey in September.

Joey’s book is available at Blue Mangrove Gallery and Sunshine Booksellers, where he will be making a short presentation at their south store on February 17th, followed by a book-signing.

So, if you happen to see someone walking the beach before sunrise, wearing a ball cap, carrying a tripod and camera, or lurking at Tigertail Lagoon stalking Roseatte Spoonbills, just shout Joey and see if he turns around. But please don’t frighten the spoonbills!

Visit Joey’s website www.joeywaves.com for more information